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Die fertige Lehmwand über zwei Geschoße.

An activated ecological clay wall provides even more comfort in new Variotherm commercial buildings. The wall stretches across two storeys. The Variotherm EasyFlex wall heating/cooling system heats and cools rooms comfortably and safely. 

One of the many special features of the Variotherm extension is the clay plaster wall. A core component of the extension, the wall, can be found in the foyer, the VarioCafé and also in the showroom. A large round window provides a clear view of the local mountain in lower Austria, the Schneeberg mountain. 

The Variotherm EasyFlex wall heating/cooling system has been fitted by our partner installer, Kollar GmbH, from Lilienfeld and allows for a comfortable room temperature all year round. 

"After hearing the many advantages of the natural contents of clay plaster, we knew straight away that we wanted to use the wall to provide buildings with more natural conditions," said Managing Director Alexander Watzek. The clay plaster wall was professionally installed by the Bromberger company  BiosLehm (from the Bucklige Welt region). 

Advantages of the clay plaster wall: 

  • High thermal conductivity: The heat can be absorbed and transferred quicker. As a result the room is able to heat up and cool down much quicker.
  • Improvement in sound reduction: The sound from adjacent rooms is reduced due to the clay plaster wall
  • Clay binds odours and therefore cleans the air
  • Neutral pH value: We feel more comfortable if the materials surrounding us have a similar pH to our own.
  • Reusable: Clay can be used over and over again, as it dries out and is not bound with water. Therefore it can be reused whilst also being kind to the environment
  • Ecological: Clay is made from natural raw materials

Further information available at www.bioslehm.com

Installation of the clay wall

Variotherm EasyFlex-Wandheizung/Kühlung wird an der Unterkonstruktion angebracht.
Der Stiegenaufgang wird mit Variotherm EasyFlex-Wandheizung/Kühlung aktiviert.
Die Variotherm EasyFlex-Wandheizung/Kühlung wurde von der Firma Kollar GmbH aus Lilienfeld verlegt.
Die erste Schicht Lehmputz wurde aufgebracht.
Der Lehmputz reguliert die Luftfeuchtigkeit und reduziert auch den Schall.
Zwischen den Schichten werden Putznetze eingefügt.
Der Lehmputz wurde fachgerecht durch die Firma BiosLehm aus Bromberg aufgebracht.
Die letzte Schicht des Putzes wurde fein verspachtelt, da diese als Sichtwand dient.
Die fertige Lehmwand über zwei Geschoße.