Sustainable and environmentally friendly. The SystemWall is an extremely efficient low temperature system.

Die SystemWand ist ein Komplett-System für den verputzten Ausbau. Sie garantiert optimale Wärmeübertragung und maximale Funktionalität für Heizen und Kühlen.




  Optimised heat transfer
  Excellent plaster adhesion
  High pressure and
    temperature resistance
  Flexible, easy to bend
  100% oxygen diffusion-tight

Die innerste Schicht besteht aus Polyethylen und ist extrem temperaturbeständig. Durch die spiegelglatte Innenoberfläche haben Ablagerungen keine Chance.


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The pipes are easy to locate with the Variotherm pipe locator or using thermofoil.

Durch die präzisen Abstände der Heizrohre (10 cm bei der System-Wandheizung bzw. 7,5 cm bei der Modul-Wandheizung) sind die Leitungen mit Hilfe der Thermofolie (Temperatur-Einsatzbereich: 25° C bis 30 °C) später leicht zu orten.
Villa in Bad Ischl

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Villa in Bad Ischl

The magnificent villa built in 1840 has been rebuilt a several times in its history. Since 2000, it has not only shone in new splendor, but has also been optimized in energy terms.

From 1998-2000 the building was renovated by the new owner under construction-biological guidance and with care for the preservation of the flairs and requirements the for listed buildings. Not only did this reduce energy costs, the residents as well as the guests especially appreciate the new, very pleasant indoor climate. The transitions of the seasons from warm to cold or vice versa are perceived as very pleasant and barely perceptible. In the bathroom of a flat a cuddly corner was set up with the Variotherm system wall heating. There you can warm up quickly on cold days.

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