Why is radiant heat cosy?

Mit der Variotherm Wandheizung fühlen Sie sich auch bei niedrigen Vorlauftemperaturen behaglich wohl.

Surface heating systems for the floor, wall and ceiling heat with pleasant radiant heat:   

Radiation transmits the heat via infrared waves. The radiation is emitted at right-angles to the surface.

The waves are converted to heat when they hit furnishings and unheated surfaces. Fixed elements in the room absorb the radiation and emit the absorbed energy back into the room as heat. The human body is thus warmed „from the inside“. Humans perceive this warm radiation as being just as pleasant as sunshine on the skin.

Thoroughly cosy

Water-bearing surface heating systems utilise the entire surface as a heat source. This heats the room evenly. The room air temperature is perceived as being warmer with radiant heat because the heat is transferred directly to the body. This allows a lower room temperature to be chosen. This saves energy costs.

Radiant heat does not agitate the air. Hardly any dust particles enter the breathing air. This is especially beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Pleasantly cool in summer

Of course a radiant system also provides cooling in summer. Cooling via wall or ceiling surfaces also occurs via an exchange of radiant energy: The human body passes the excess heat into the cool surfaces in the environment. The surface cooling provides a pleasant room climate reminiscent of the shadow under a large tree.

Advantages Radiant Heat:

  • no forced air
  • Silent
  • Dust-free room air and breathing air
  • Optimum humidity
  • Natural and healthy room climate
  • Energy-saving

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