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NEW: Fermacell greenline joint adhesive

The new biological greenline joint adhesive binds our Variotherm modular panels like casein glue. It protects the environment and our health. The adhesive is viscoplastic once set. It can be used and worked on just like the previous standard adhesive. The Fermacell greenline joint adhesive has also been approved for the construction of prefabricated houses in the workshop.



NEW: Elbow fitting 6/4“ 90°

Right angle. Easier installation. It's as simple as that! The elbow fitting has a full bore and it serves to guide vertical supply lines to the Variotherm heating/cooling distribution manifold.



NEW: Cold shrink tape

The durable Variotherm cold shrink tape protects press-fit couplings optimally against corrosion.
Complies with ÖN H5155.


NEW: Calibration and chamfering tool

ONE tool for ALL Variotherm pipes! That makes calibration and chamfering child's play.

NEW: Clamping screw fittings with system

Insert the pipe, fix in position, done. The new clamping screw fitting for the VarioProFile pipes 11.6x1.5 and 16x2 consist of one single part. So no more small parts can go missing. Handy! AND: Thanks to the clamping technology with metal ring developed by Variotherm, the new clamping screw fitting, which has been tested under EN 21003, is even better value.


NEW: Electronic room thermostat PIANO HK-Funk

It's funky! The best controllable room temperature without an electrical installation! For both heating and cooling mode. The battery-operated room thermostat PIANO HK-Funk features a wireless set consisting of a single channel sender and receiver. Simply set it up and the PIANO HK-Funk will be ready for use thanks to its pre-programmed wireless connection. Funky and easy!

NEW: Super-economical thermoelectric actuators

100% output. 1 watt consumption. We call that super-economical. The new thermoelectric actuators use half the power of their predecessors. The design was also overhauled and it is now available in new colours.