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Simply chill!

Variotherm are proud to present their latest innovation: the KMD cooling module with direct connection and the KMS cooling module with system separation. The two modules form the link between your refrigeration system and the Variotherm surface cooling.


The KMD cooling module with direct connection is used when the cooling is provided from a cooling reservoir (e.g. a buffer storage tank) or an external cool exchanger (e.g. water/water).



KMD 60                                                    KMD 80
- Pump: UPS25-60                                - Pump: UPS25-80
- Performance: up to 5 kW                   - Performance: up to 10 kW
- approx. 100 m² cooling surface       - approx. 200 m² cooling surface

Data sheet download: e_KMD_970510 | 0.6 MB

The KMS cooling module with system separation is designed for all cases where the cooling is directly provided by a heat pump. In this case the liquid brine (water-antifreeze mixture) is cooled via heat exchanger in the primary circuit and the cooling effect is passed on to the surface cooling.



KMS 60                                                     KMS 80
- Pump: UPS25-60                                 - Pump: UPS25-80
- Performance: bis 4 kW                        - Performance: bis 7.5 kW
- approx. 80 m² cooling surface           - approx. 150 m² cooling surface

Data sheet download: e_KMS_950210 | 0.7 MB


Tedious manual adjustments are now a thing of the past - the supply temperature is held constant by an electronic system. The cooling modules are also easy on the pocket - a true innovation!


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