VarioNEWS 02/2011
Dear Readers! VarioNEWS 02/2011

Renovating? But you don’t have much space?

With Variotherm, you can get the job done right. Variotherm offers the perfect solution for all requirements:

  • The module panels for walls and ceilings can be used for heating and cooling purposes
  • The compact floor heating system makes renovating easy – it’s no more than 20 mm thick and is also perfect for drywall constructions.
  • The Variotherm skirting heating presents a particularly energy-saving method of creating a veil of warm air along cold walls.

Renovate right with Variotherm!

New room thermostat!

The new Piano HK(T) room thermostat, which features a clock, is now available for delivery. This thermostat does away with batteries and instead works using a 230 V power supply.  The standard heating and cooling times are already pre-programmed, so all you have to do to get started is enter the time and date.


To find out more, simply visit the Professional Area on our website and download this file: datasheet e_Regler_e961311

Outstanding reference project: Renovation in Waldviertel

The Waldviertel family in question, at any rate, was not to be sweet-talked into choosing their heating system – they relied on solid arguments to be convinced. They already had a heating pump installed in their house, which provided the ideal foundation for efficiently running a low-temperature system. The family was also...


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