VarioNEWS 03/2011
Dear Readers! VarioNEWS 03/2011

Ceiling cooling – or I'm moving out!


Even when the sun beats down mercilessly in summer, you will always be able to keep a cool head in a house with Variotherm surface cooling systems. After all, ModuleCeiling and ModuleWall are not just great for heating – they are also just the thing for cooling, too.


How does it work? It's simple: cold water circulates through the Variotherm modular panels. Warmth generated by sunlight, people and electronic appliances rises and is absorbed by these modular panels. This way, the air temperature does not increase and the room remains pleasantly cool.


With Variotherm surface cooling systems you can turn every room into a cool oasis during the hot summer months.


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New technical documentation!


To make sure you are always kept up to date, we continually improve and revise our technical documentation. Here is what we have been working on lately: We have completely reworked the installation manual for our skirting heating systems. Take a look and see for yourself: the structure and layout has been significantly improved.


Plus you will now find diagrams of the flow and return elements, a handy drilling template for the brackets and an inspection certificate.  There is even a brand new version of the Eco heating plaster data sheet available to download.


Download it now from the Professional Area on our website!

Styrian-style romantic accommodation

Since 1878, visitors to Schererwirt have waxed lyrical about this gorgeous guesthouse and farmstead located in the upper-Styrian valley near Turnau. Located in a magnificent rural landscape dotted with woodlands, this well-respected establishment treats its guests to a wide variety of delicacies served in their classic Styrian-style tavern. After your meal you can retire... 


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