VarioNEWS 03/2013
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Orange is our favourite colour!

Variotherm ProFile pipes prove their environmental sensitivity

Happiness, warmth and cosiness are just some of the things we associate with the colour orange. It's therefore natural that the Variotherm ProFile pipes should also radiate their gentle energy in this sunny colour. The small red balls in the synthetic granulate help make the pipes so visually distinctive. These balls melt during production, giving the pipe sheath its characteristic appearance. Variotherm has also taken sustainability into account in terms of this detail: the dye used has now been certified by the IBO, the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building, and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

The Alte Post building is right up to date

Tailor-made renovation which has won prizes

Originally, Robert Gerstl had intended to rent a factory floor, or to build something new, when he was looking for a larger office for his building technology firm two years ago. "Just a tin box really," he claimed...



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Everything according to plan!

Perfect installation with new manuals

With just one click on the PROFESSIONAL AREA section of the Variotherm website, you will find all the new planning instructions at a glance. With clearly drawn sketches and easy to understand text, the instructions make installation for professionals even easier. Just like it should be!

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•   SystemWall installation instructions (version 13013)
•   VarioClip screed floor heating data sheet (version 332313)
•   Industrial screed floor heating data sheet (version 343013)
•   Ducted channel heating installation instructions (version 53213)
•   VarioModule pipe 20x2 laser data sheet (version ZA2913)
•   EasyFlexWall data sheet (version 722313)
•   Skirting heating system planning manual & installation instructions (version 23213 & version 22813)
•   RTL/RTLT data sheet - thermoelectric actuator conversion (version 9B3613)


50 enthusiastic runners from the Variotherm sports team at the starting line

Last year, the 338 participants in the RED NOSE run covered an incredible 3,894 kilometres - the distance between Leobersdorf and Moscow and back. This year, in order to beat this running record, the route was altered and the running track widened. This autumn, a potential record was broken...


A personal visit sets a precedent

Kummerlöwe pays a visit to Variotherm

Kummerlöwe from Germany already had their first order for a VarioComp floor heating system in the bag when they paid a visit to Variotherm. Together with Frank Meyer, the company's representative responsible, they came above all to take part in an installation training course as well as to view the production site. Like Variotherm, Mr. Kummerlöwe takes particular care over his suppliers. This includes making a visit to the factory of the new partner in order to gain a personal impression. The not insignificant cost of such a visit is worth every penny. In this way, several top-quality suppliers have already been discovered and long-term friendships established. As expected, the VarioComp installation training was completed quickly. This left enough time on the second day for a tour of the centre of Vienna and a trip to the Danube Tower for a great view over the city.

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