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Bis zu 25% weniger Heizkosten, 100% mehr Behagleichkeit
Variotherm technology, proven ten thousand times over.
For 37 years.

Up to 25 % lower heating costs with the right choice of heating and cooling panels.
Variotherm surface heating and cooling systems work at a low temperature, which is of great advantage when used with alternative energy sources such as heat pumps, solar-supported heating, solar cooling, biomass and other backup storage systems.

100 % more comfort with 1 - 3 °C lower room air temperature.
Beheizte oder gekühlte Flächen erzeugen angenehme, gesundheitsfördernde Strahlungswärme. In diesem behaglich empfundenen Raumklima kann die Lufttemperatur im Raum um bis zu 3 °C niedriger (bzw. bei Kühlung höher) eingestellt werden. Das spart deutlich Energie und reduziert die Wärmeverluste des Gebäudes nach außen.

Healthy radiant heat. Based on the principle of the sun's rays.
The heat is transferred not through the air, but – just like the sun – through gentle infrared radiation. The enormous advantages: No draughts. No dust stirred up. Comfort – all the time and everywhere.


Large glass surfaces can offer beautiful views, but they can also conduct the cold. The free-standing skirting heater Beta from Variotherm spreads a protective thermal layer over the whole window surface and transforms a cool room into a cosy oasis.


The elegant Beta is installed not on the wall, but on slim supports on the floor. Over 200 RAL colours are also available for you to choose the colour scheme of the metal cladding.


  • Fast response works in seconds
  • Environmentally friendly and energy saving
  • Completely adaptable to room dimensions
  • The influence of cold surfaces is alleviated
  • Wide range of output options
  • Combats damp and mould formation on walls
  • 10 year guarantee


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