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5 panels with a variable height. Even more flexibility.

panels with a variable height
Die Alu-Mehrschicht-Verbundrohre sind mit dem Variotherm Rohrsuchgerät oder der Variotherm Thermofolie später leicht zu orten.

Fascinating. Everything Completely Simple.

Our Modular Wall is a complete system designed by Variotherm, based on the most advanced heating and cooling principales. Here, heating, cooling and complete wall are perfectly combined in a single product. The VarioModule pipes, which are designed to provide optimum heat transfer, are already integrated in the rear of the gypsum fibre boards, which have been tested for their biological properties. 

Hang up pictures? The pipes are easy to locate with the Variotherm pipe locator or using thermofoil.

Tested. Safe is safe.

Climate friendly. Environmentally friendly. Quality certified. Fireproof. The ModuleWall meets the highest safety standards, and has, been tested for fire protection safety according to EN1363-1, EN1364-1 and EN1365-2 by the IBS Linz Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research. Test number: 10111710.

Die Trockenbauplatten für die Wandheizung und Wandkühlung bestehen aus Gipsfaserplatten und sind klimafreundlich, umweltverträglich und brandschutzsicher.

Modular Panel

1   Gypsum fibreboard 18 mm
2   VarioModule pipe 11.6x1.5 mm laser
3   Fastening screws
4   Joint adhesive
5   Substructure (metal or wood)

5 panels with a fixed height

panels with a variable height

Panels for customized requirements

panels for customized requirements


The ModulePanels are fixed to metal or wood support structures.

Die Modulplatten werden, wie beim Trockenbau üblich, auf Metall- bzw. Holzständerkonstruktionen montiert.


ModulePanel with integrated VarioModule pipe
profile ModulePanel
profile ModulePanel
pipe locator, thermofoil
The pipes are easy to locate with the pipe locator or using thermofoil
Room thermostats PIANO
Room thermostats from the PIANO series
Once pressed, they last a lifetime
The pipe connections are 100 % tight
Heating/cooling manifolds are fully assembled and pressure-tested
Heating/cooling manifolds are fully assembled and pressure-tested