Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel

With sound-absorbing properties

ModulePanels with sound-absorbing properties markedly reduce the noise level in residential and office rooms. The impinging noise is channelled through the holes of the gypsum fibre board and the acoustic energy is “broken” and reduced in the ceiling construction.

One special detail: With Variotherm, the holes of the acoustic panels are not covered by cooling/heating elements. This is the only way to ensure certified, guaranteed noise reduction.

The ModuleCeiling-Acoustic is available in two different hole patterns: With the 8 millimetre block perforation or 6 and/or 12 millimetre surface perforation. 

Tested and proven to be good

Variotherm heating systems are the only systems on the market that can show tested results from TÜV Rheinland as per DIN EN 354  for the acoustic panel including inserted module pipe. 

The sound absorption level that can be expected from the ModulePanel with the acoustic function was tested. The results: The test conducted by the TÜV verifies and guarantees the sound-absorbing effect of the acoustic surface!