Easy renovation thanks to surface heating systems

Are you planning to renovate an old building? Read here what you should pay attention to when renovating and refurbishing. Because renovations and refurbishments need a good strategy. If you spend enough time on it in advance, you have a clear advantage - especially when it comes to choosing sustainable heating and cooling systems.

Heating system renovation - Important advantages and disadvantages

One of the most important, if not the most important, aspect when renovating an old building is the selection of a sustainable heating system. In times of climate change and energy crises, it is more important than ever to think about optimal, sustainable heating - and also cooling. Because not only cosy warmth in the cold season, but also pleasant coolness in the hot summer months, make a decisive contribution to your personal living comfort. 

The advantages of heating renovations are obvious. With an energy-efficient heating system, you can greatly reduce your energy costs. This means that you will have paid back the investment in a future-proof heating system as part of an old building renovation in just a few years.   

If you choose an ecological and sustainable heating (and cooling) system, you will also significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint. In addition, you are independent of exploding costs for fossil fuels. You not only improve your sense of well-being and the indoor climate, but also increase the value of your property.  

The disadvantages of heating system renovation are much less significant compared to the advantages. Initially high investment costs pay for themselves again after only a few years. Technically complex heating systems carry the risk of faulty execution, but by choosing the right partner with years of experience, you minimise the risk here too. Unfortunately, even the best professional can't take away the temporary impairment of your quality of life due to the construction site.

Heating or cooling - however energy-efficient

You should therefore find out about the different options available for your renovation project. Gas heating systems and radiators are long past their prime. Actively ask about energy-efficient, comfortable and sustainable technologies that offer heating and cooling as a system solution. 

Cold feet in winter and an overheated head in summer? To ensure that the temperature in your house or flat is perfect, regardless of the season, and that the feeling of comfort is not spoiled by too dry air or cold draughts, it is advisable to choose surface heating and surface cooling systems.   

Surface heating and surface cooling systems can of course also be used when renovating an old building. These are based on the principle of radiant heat or radiant exchange. In this way, you create comfort all year round. Thanks to the installation of panel heating and cooling systems in the floor, walls and ceilings of an old building, they are not only completely silent, but also invisible. This means that you no longer have to be bothered by annoying radiators in your living space. The innovation leader in this field? Variotherm for sure. Find out more about the energy-efficient solutions of the Austrian, family-run company for your renovation project here.

Three new tools for advising customers

Discover all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about quick, efficient and energy-saving renovation - simply explained.

However, many people are often unaware of the fantastic potential that heating and cooling with floors, walls and ceilings holds. So even nowadays they still inquire about and decide in favour of old-fashioned, energy-guzzling radiators or humming air-conditioning systems. The effort required to come to terms with new and contemporary forms of heating - and more importantly in the future - cooling seems too high-tech for many. But this concern is completely unfounded, because surface heating and cooling systems are the optimal complement to the heat pump! In our new folders we have summarised everything worth knowing about energy-efficient renovation of floors, walls and ceilings in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

As a valuable basis for customer discussions, they support experienced specialists in explaining complex technical content clearly:

Can underfloor heating be retrofitted?
Can sloping roofs be used for heating and cooling?
Is it really possible to heat and cool with the same system?
By the way, the answers are 3 x yes.

    with the VARIOKOMP


    with the MODULARWALL

    with the EasyFlexWall

Installation videos

Assembly videos are of great importance because they provide clear and understandable instructions for users. They make it possible to understand products that require explanation step by step. These videos not only facilitate installation, but also reduce potential errors and misunderstandings.