Variotherm and it's products have been awarded a large variety of certification marks. These certifications give you the certainty of buying high-quality, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient products.

Austria Gütezeichen Quality Seal

Variotherm has been honoured with the Austria Gütezeichen quality seal. Quality Austria granted us this certification because our products meet high quality standards.

IBO Quality Mark

The Variotherm wall heating/cooling system has been tested and certified by the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building (IBO) since 1996, which proves that this product fulfils the institute’s strict requirements regarding building biology and building ecology. Since 2020, the Variotherm EasyFlex wall heating/cooling has been certified with the EcoHeatingPlaster IBO quality seal.

IBR Seal of Approval

The Variotherm module plate for wall and ceiling and the VarioKomp floor heating system have been awarded the IBR Seal of Approval from the Institute for Building Biology (IBR) in Rosenheim. This institute tests products used in construction in relation to their impact on human health and safety.

Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research

The Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research in Linz has tested the fire resistance of the Variotherm ModulePanels Classic. According to the test result, the 18 mm Variotherm ModulePanels Classic replaced a 12 mm Fermacell panel in the fire protection structure (e.g. wall, ceiling).

IMA Dresden

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH in Dresden has confirmed the compliance of the Variotherm multi-layer aluminium composite pipes system including clamping screws and press fittings with EN ISO 21003. 

CE labelling

Variotherm products with CE label: EcoHeatingPlaster, compact filling compound, VarioNop 30 impact-sound insulation panel, VarioRoll 20-2 and VarioRoll 30-3 impact-sound insulation panel, pump blocks of the pump manifold and pump microstation, electrical appliances such as the WHR36 heating controller guided by atmospheric conditions, thermoelectric actuators and room thermostats, insulation sleeve.

TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland has tested and certified the sound absorption properties of the Variotherm ModuleCeiling-Acoustic.

MFPA Leipzig

MFPA Leipzig, the Society for Material Research, has tested and certified the impact-sound insulation properties of the Variotherm 'XPS panel 10-200' and the 'VarioNop11'.