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Energy-saving heating for optimum temperatures

Floor heating offers effective, energy-saving heating. It emits radiant heat evenly across the entire floor area, thus ensuring that feet stay warm and providing a cosy atmosphere. If our feet are warm, we feel comfortable. Due to the low flow temperatures, hardly any convection is created, and the room remains free of dust circulation. ALSO, there are no obtrusive radiators and you can design your space any way you want.

Since floor heating is a low-temperature distribution system, alternative energy saving systems such as heat pumps, biomass or solar thermal energy can be used. Naturally, the Variotherm floor heating systems also function with gas or oil.

Do you want to retrofit a floor heating system? No problem!

The super-slim floor heating in drywall construction is excellently suited both to new buildings and for sensitive refurbishment. The VarioComp floor heating is just 20 mm thick and can be easily and simply installed retrospectively. The gypsum fibre boards are laid in a drywall construction. 

This is what the VarioComp looks like

Where can floor heating be used?

Fitting individual rooms with floor heating

You’re planning to refurbish your bathroom. Why not replace the heating system while you’re at it? You can also install the modular floor heating in individual rooms. So, out with your old radiators and in with floor heating!

The VarioPump distributor station or Pump microstation with pump connects the new low-temperature floor heating with the existing high-temperature heating system.

Quickly reaching the right temperature

Drywall construction floor heating reacts very quickly. Thanks to their low construction height of 20 mm, the heating pipes are close to the floor covering. This means that the floor heats up quickly. This makes the VarioComp floor heating system excellently suited to rapidly changing room air temperatures, such as large glass surfaces, or many people in a single room, wood burning stoves, kitchens, etc.

The room stays cosy and warm – even at lower flow temperatures. 

Due to the quick response time of the VarioComp the room air temperature is easier to regulate using a room thermostat than with screed floor heating.

Ideal floor coverings for floor heating

You can lay whichever floor covering you like, whether it’s stone, laminate and multi-layer parquet, ceramic tiles, linoleum or carpet. It’s important that the floor covering is suitable according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

In general, the thicker the covering, the slower the heat transfer, since the floor has to be heated up for longer. For example, tiles and natural stone have a high thermal conductivity and quickly radiate heat into the room. 

Constant energy saving

Floor heating is a low-temperature system. In other words, the heating pipes are laid over the entire floor area. The system can operate with low flow temperatures. Depending on the outside temperature, it is sufficient when water is heated to between 26 and 38 °C. By comparison, conventional radiators require a flow temperature of up to 60 °C. The reason for this is that due to their small surface area, they only radiate heat into the room at certain points. 

The radiant heat also lowers heating costs: the room air temperature can be reduced by up to 2 °C compared to convection heating systems. And we still feel comfortably warm. Every degree less saves around 6% heating costs per year. 

Floor, wall, ceiling – the perfect trio

For an all-round cosy room climate, we recommend a combination of floor, wall and ceiling heating.

Wall heating provides a larger exchange area for heating and cooling than floor or ceiling heating – the radiant heat is clearly noticeable. 

For hot summer days, we recommend wall and/or ceiling cooling

One system – many benefits

No more cold feet! Floor heating creates an all-round cosy atmosphere. Floor heating with drywall construction can also be installed later on – even in just one single room, such as your bathroom. 

The benefits for you

  • Invisibly installed in the floor – creative furnishing and decorating
  • Free of draughts – does not blow dust into the air
  • Fast response time – heats the room in an instant
  • The existing floor can be retained
  • Different floor coverings possible(tiles, stoneware, parquet, laminate or carpet)
  • Every heating system is suitable as a heat source, whether it’s a thermal pump, pellet heating, biomass, solar, gas, oil, etc.
  • Comfortable room climate thanks to perfectly heated floors
  • The temperature can be regulated individually for each room
  • Saves up to 25% heating costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • 10-year guarantee

The perfect system for sensitive refurbishment and for wood and drywall constructions. With the VarioComp floor heating system, a low-temperature heating system can also be installed retrospectively – the existing floor structure can remain.

The benefits for you

  • Professional, flexible mounting in drywall construction
  • Gypsum fibre boards with pre-milled nubs for even laying
  • Complete system from a single source
  • Three different distribution manifold systems to match each area of use
  • Free advice and service – laying of the system, including laying plans
  • Energy-efficient, low-temperature system
  • For new buildings and refurbishment – including listed buildings
  • Extremely quick regulation
  • Corrosion-free aluminium multi-layer composite pipes – VarioProFile pipe 11.6 x 1.5
  • Made in Austria

Obtrusive radiators are a thing of the past. We support your creativity and install the heating system invisibly in the floor. There are no more limits to your architectural design ideas. 

The benefits for you

  • Invisibly installed in the floor, saving space – for greater planning freedom
  • No draughts – no dust
  • Also suitable for medical buildings
  • Low energy costs
  • Quickly adjustable
  • Controllable via smart technology
  • Suitable for use in wet rooms, e.g. for bathroom refurbishment (up to stress group W3)
  • Complete system for rapid construction progress
  • Short construction times – can also be installed retrospectively
  • Gypsum fibre boards tested for building biology standards
  • A pioneer in surface heating and cooling systems, with 40 years’ experience
  • 10-year guarantee

The VarioComp floor heating system can be quickly and professionally installed as a drywall construction system. 

The 18 mm gypsum fibre boards can be laid on the existing floor. The entire construction height of the low-temperature heating system is just 20 mm.  

The gypsum fibre boards, which are tested for building biology standards, have been awarded the IBR quality seal.

The benefits for you

  • Professional, flexible mounting in drywall construction
  • Large-area heating for greater comfort
  • Gypsum fibre boards tested for their healthy building properties
  • Suitable for use in wet rooms, e.g. for bathroom refurbishment (up to stress group W3)
  • Optimal for wood construction, prefabricated houses and attic floors
  • Ideal for refurbishment and listed buildings
  • Free planning and service included
  • Energy-efficient, low-temperature system

Does floor heating have any disadvantages?

  • The purchase costs are higher than those of standard radiator heating systems. However, if you take the ongoing heating costs into account, these are up to 25% lower with floor heating – with 100% comfort! This means that surface heating pays off within just a few years.
  • Not every floor covering is suitable, although there are numerous covers that can be laid on a floor heating system. Ceramic tiles and natural stone are highly suitable due to their ability to store and conduct heat. However, parquet, laminate, carpet and linoleum are also possible.
  • Furniture, carpets and other coverings can reduce the heating performance of the floor heating.
  • Floor heating is not entirely suitable for cooling. However, if floor heating is combined with wall or ceiling cooling/heating, the room climate also remains comfortably cool during the summer.