Variotherm is an Austrian family-owned company which has been producing and selling economical and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems since 1979. We place great emphasis on the use of natural materials during product manufacture. Find out more about the Variotherm success story.


40 years of Variotherm

Four decades ago, the visionary Wilhelm Watzek founded the company and introduced low-temperature skirting heating systems to Austria. 20 years ago, his son Alexander took over Variotherm from him and he has continued the success story, developing many further low-temperature systems for heating and cooling.

2017 - 2018

Variotherm continues to grow

A 650 m² extension to the company’s head quarters is creating space for new offices, a consultation and training centre including a showroom, a research and development area and the VarioCafé. Of course, it is all fitted with the most modern Variotherm technology to be experienced at first hand.


Well spaced and cleverly rolled

After months of development and research the new VarioManifold 5.0 heating/cooling distribution manifold has been introduced into the market. Thanks to the compact development of the sound impact polystyrene the air pockets have been minimised and the VarioRoll is even more transport and storage friendly.


New Production Line for VarioComp

2015 represented a major milestone for Variotherm with the commissioning of a new production line for our modular floor heating  product Variocomp. With this high volume automated manufacturing equipment we are ready for the major increase in demand we are experiencimng for variocomp in both domestic and export markets.  


Even more output

Variotherm is launching the Trench Heating System THS 2, an even more powerful ducted channel heating system. The THS 2 has two heating elements for more heat output. With a width of 260 mm and two variable heights (140 mm or 90 mm), the system is available in all lengths and can be ordered to your specifications.

Sound – reliable – solid

VarioSolid has been developed for economical and cost-efficient heating of large surfaces, such as production halls, storage areas and other industrial spaces. The extremely solid Variomodular pipe 20x2 has been specifically designed for use in the industrial sector. 


Forward-looking expansion of our location

The biggest investment phase in the 34-year success story of Variotherm: Two new halls offer more space for storage and production. Furthermore, our premises have been expanded by complete outdoor facilities, parking lots for our employees and an oasis of relaxation for them.


Success with Fair Responsibility

The project "Sucess with Fair Responsibility" has been started and has led to the creation of the P:UR team (Potential and Respect) and an extensive sustainability report. Sunstainable action which has always been self-evident to us has been give a name now.


Winner of the Austrian Leading Companies Award

Variotherm wins in the category "solid small enterprises" and, for the first time, exceeds the 6 million euro turnover limit engaging 30 employees at the time.



The approved ModuleCeiling Cooling/Heating system is now available with a sound absorbing surface.


Simple cooling

A big hit with the new cooling modules:
The two modules, KMS (with system separation) and KMD (with direct connection) form the link between cooling and the Variotherm surface cooling.

Ceiling Cooling/Heating

The approved ModuleCeiling Cooling/Heating system is now available with a sound absorbing surface.

New premises

Our office premises are extended to have room for five additional employees.


The new VarioProFil pipe

Variotherm presents the new VarioPro-Fil pipe 16x2 / 0.25 mm. The new pipe is the core component of the Variotherm heating and cooling systems.
Further innovations: The PumpDistributor and PumpMicrostation.


Building, building, building

New raw materials warehouse, new premises and a new facade.


New VarioComp production facility

A new, fully automated production facility for the exclusive production VarioComp floor heating systems is built.


New production facility

Between February and April 2003, our new, fully automated production facility for expansion panels with integrated heating pipes was constructed at our headquarters in Leobersdorf.
In terms of cost effectiveness, speed and flexibility, the facility significantly improved the production of the expansion panels.

The light sight of life

The second generation of the Varioclimate pipe with its future-oriented properties becomes an integral part of the system wall and floor heating for screed systems.

1999 - 2002

New systems

In 1999, the modular wall heating was completed as a system after a long development period.
Due to the high level of demand, the first floor heating system for drywall construction with a panel thickness of only 20 mm was developed, the compact floor heating system.
The modular ceiling cooling system has been in production since 2002.


New management

In May 1999, there is a change in the management.
The founder of Variotherm, Wilhelm Watzek, transferred the company to his son, the engineer Alexander Watzek. He has worked in the company since 1987, and has been managing the technical development of our heating systems with great success.


Transfer to the new commercial building

As was to be expected, the rapid development of the company meant that the premises in Vienna, and the production site in the cellar, became too small. We thus built a new commercial building in Leobersdorf (40 km south of Vienna) in 1992/1993. The building is home to our research, development, production, measuring and documentation facilities for all our heating and cooling systems.


The system wall heating and the “Varioclimate pipe”

Fascinated by the idea of large-area radiant heat, we built our first system wall heating systems in 1987/1988, which we also patented (with breathable sub-panels and heat-conducting eco heating plaster!).
In 1996, we developed the “Varioclimate pipe”, which feeds hot water to our heat-storage stones and has been the core component of our wall and floor heating systems ever since.
Speaking of environmentally friendly heating, since 1996 we have born the IBO quality seal from the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building for our system wall heating and are to date the only wall heating manufacturer to have received this award.


A milestone

A milestone in every sense of the word was the award of the European patent for our “heat storage stones”.
With these stones, Variotherm had developed a completely new product, which is ideally suited to the construction of tiled stoves, heated furnishings, cosy corner benches and tepidaria (patent 1990/91).


The company wins the “Austria Gütezeichen” quality award

What began in 1979 with the marketing of our skirting heaters – they were produced in the cellar below the shop on a production machine designed by Variotherm – soon developed into a flourishing business.
As recognition of the certified quality of our products, Variotherm was awarded the “Austria Gütezeichen” quality award three years after the company was founded.
In the subsequent years, our company became a specialist in heating systems which generate naturally healthy radiant heat


The success story begins

The Variotherm success story began in the autumn of 1979, in a small business office in the 10th district in Vienna.
The aim in founding the company was to make the best possible use of the production patent for our skirting heaters, which at the time was completely new. Low-temperature skirting heating systems, which compared to all other models on the market, guarantee a significant improvement in effectiveness.

Variotherm is an Austrian model plant with hundreds of partners in Austria, Europe and around the world.