with 75 mm pipe spacing

The 18 mm thick ModulePanels for wall and ceiling heating/cooling are health and safety tested gypsum panels. The heating pipe (Variomodular pipe 11.6x1.5 laser) is integrated on the back of the panel with a grid spacing of 75 mm. There are also ModulePanels with a pipe spacing of 105 mm for ceilings. They allow lighting concepts to be realised even more easily.

Thanks to the pre-marked centre-punched holes, the ModulePanels can be precisely screwed on to the substructure.

Tested: better safe than sorry!

The ModulePanel is climate friendly, environmentally compatible, certified and fire-proof. It meets the highest safety standards and, among others, it has been tested by the Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research Linz (IBS) as per its fire safety standards EN 1363-1 and EN 1364-1.

Test number: 10111710.

Panel characteristics:

Panel: gypsum fibreboard which has been tested for their healthy building properties

Fire resistance as per DIN EN 13501-1: non-flammable, A2

Identification as per DIN EN 15283-2: GF-I-W2-C1

Thermal conductivity λ: 0.32 W/mK

Apparent density ρK: 1150 ± 50 kg/m3

Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ: 13


  • With load bearing wall construction the Variotherm ModulePanels must not carry any static ceiling loads and must not be used for building reinforcement.
  • The relative humidity must not exceed 70 % during storage, installation and additional processing of the ModulePanels and during the construction phase and normal use of the building. Wet plaster and wet screed must be applied and have dried before installation of the ModulePanels. The ModulePanels can be used in rooms up to moisture class W3 (ÖNORM B 3407). They are not approved for installation from moisture class W4 (e.g. canteens and shower blocks) upwards.