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Keep a cool head

The ceiling provides comfortable cooling in the summer

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to an air conditioning system? Ceiling cooling offers a healthy, energy-efficient alternative. It cools silently and can also run at night. And the coolest thing about it is that in winter, the ceiling gives you cosy warmth.

There’s no question that during the hot summer months, people prefer to be in cooled rooms. While air conditioning systems that are not serviced regularly quickly become “bacteria blasters”, ceiling cooling systems have been given outstanding reviews. Thanks to the thermal radiation exchange, they provide a comfortable room climate, do not cause dust swirls, are energy efficient, make no noise and can therefore also run at night.

How does it work?

All these benefits are possible thanks to the fact that aluminium multi-layer composite pipes are laid over a large area of the ceiling (around 70 to 80 percent), where the water circulates in the summer at a temperature between 16 and 20°C. This allows the ceiling surfaces to provide gentle cooling, while absorbing the heat irradiated by furniture, floors, walls - and of course, the people in the room. As a result, a comfortable room climate is created.

During the winter, however, water is pumped through the aluminium multi-layer composite pipes at a temperature of between 26 and 38°C. A comfortable radiant heat spreads throughout the room, at right-angles to the surface. With ceiling heating, this means from top to bottom. The radiating waves are converted to heat when they hit furnishings and unheated surfaces. Fixed elements in the room absorb the radiation and emit the absorbed energy back into the room as heat. The human body is thus warmed “from the inside”. 

What energy source does ceiling cooling need?

Anyone using a Variotherm ceiling for cooling purposes needs cooled water. Ideally, the energy needed is obtained directly from the surrounding environment, using deep drilling, surface collectors or a heat pump. The latter takes the energy needed from environmentally friendly sources: air, earth or ground water. The integrated compressor generates the water temperature of between 16 and 20°C needed for cooling. 

Requirements for ceiling cooling

  • Space required on the ceiling: at least 30 mm with a plastered ceiling, or 75 mm in dry constructions 
  • Large-area installation
  • Flow temperature during cooling between 16 and 20°C
  • Cooled water (heat pump, deep drilling, surface collectors, etc.)