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12. - 16.04.2010
Variotherm Triathlon Team. Training camp in Cesenatico/Italy

The preparation for the important seasonal competitions (Ironman-Austria and aplenty small to middle triathlon races from Vienna via St. Pölten to Klagenfurt and as ending the FaakerseeTRIE at the end of August) are going in the final and hot phase...


As transition from the 6 months basic endurance training to strength training inclusive circumference the training camp suited perfectly. We could escape from the bad weather in Austria this week and despite the barely ideal weather conditions in Cesenatico we unhurriedly pushed our training through. Seven days of concentrated training: focus on biking, swimming and running exercises, coordination and stabilisation lessons completed the program.  


- appr. 30h raining
- 600-700 biking cilometres
- appr. 6.000 altitude difference

Fredi Schlögl, Manfred Kowald, Kristian Schmerbacher, Alexander Watzek

THE TRAINERS rund um Mag. Helmut Wolf und Dr. Uwe Rascher


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