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Variotherm wins prestigious award

It was a triumphant night for the Austrian family-owned company Variotherm Heizsysteme from Leobersdorf, Austria, which has specialised in the development of innovative surface heating and cooling systems in harmony with nature for 44 years. 1st place in the International category - this prestigious award recognises Variotherm's continued dedication to quality and individuality in a constantly growing market segment.

The presentation of the 'HERMES Business Award' in the magnificent rooms of the Hofburg marks one of the highlights in Variotherm's impressive success story. The HERMES is awarded annually to the top achievements of Austrian entrepreneurship, because Austria's economic champions safeguards employment and sites. The decisive criteria for success were not only net sales and equity capital, but also the export share, the operating result and the number of employees in the past years.

The history of Variotherm is characterised by an extraordinary dedication to perfection. Since the company was founded in 1979, the focus has been on the production and sale of ecologically-efficient surface heating and cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings. From the very beginning, great importance was attached to the use of natural materials in the manufacture of the products.

"Variotherm prides itself on never giving in to the lure of the mass market or short-term trends. Instead, we focus on tailor-made solutions that meet the needs and requirements of our customers. The love of craftsmanship and careful attention to every detail are the cornerstones of our success!" Variotherm managing director Ing. Alexander Watzek is absolutely convinced.

About Variotherm

With the super-slim drywall underfloor heating system with an installation height of only 20mm, the energy-efficient ceiling cooling system and the cosy wall heating systems, Variotherm has not only revolutionised the domestic heating industry, but has also gained international recognition. Because Variotherm is convinced:

The future of living lies above all in the renovation of old buildings. In view of the climate targets and the enormous global demand in the field of building renovation, Variotherm is part of the solution with its low-temperature systems and also contributes to strengthening the good reputation of the Austrian economy abroad.

Today Variotherm employs 40 people at its site in Leobersdorf, Austria. Recently, the company has invested heavily - and above all regionally: on the one hand, a new special machine was purchased for the production of our drywall underfloor heating, and on the other hand, a large warehouse was built to meet the ever-increasing demand.

This award is a recognition of decades of hard work and Variotherm's tireless commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


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