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for SystemWall SWHK2

The Variotherm EcoHeatingPlaster has been developed for use as a base coat plaster for the system wall heating/cooling (SWHK2), for a plastering thickness (incl. heating pipe) of up 25 mm. It is a natural construction material, with excellent environmentally-friendly characteristics verified by the IBO quality seal.


  • Purely organic material
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Hygroscopic
  • Shock resistant
  • Good adhesive properties
  • Premixed hydraulic dry mortar. Classification: GP, PM2, W3
  • High thermal conductivity – about 10–25 % better than "normal" plasters
  • Good heat storage properties due to the extremely high oven-dry density of 1500 kg/m³
  • Good condensation properties with cooling function
  • Smooth application – suitable for machine and manual application (e. g. plaster machine G4)
  • Guaranteed heat dissipation values for the whole system (SWHK2)


Plaster sand, additives, trass. What is trass? Volcanic tuff prepared in a drying and grinding process. The main components of these "pozzolana" substances are silicic acids (water insoluble) and clay. Apart from water, no other additives need to be added at the construction site. The plaster cures hydraulically. Only air and water are required for curing.

Technical data

Maximum grain size: 2 mm

Compressive strength (28d): > 3 N/mm²

Flexural strength (28d): > 1 N/mm²

Thermal conductivity λ: 0.82 W/mK

Acid capacity (m value): 12.4

Oven-dry density (28d): approx. 1500 kg/m³

Fresh mortar bulk density: approx. 1700 kg/m³

Water requirement: approx. 5–6 litres per bag (25 kg)

Material consumption: approx. 45 kg/m² (SWHK2)

Minimum plaster thickness: 10 mm

Maximum plaster thickness: 25 mm

Packaging: 25 kg per bag; 42 bags per EU pallet

>>> Safety data sheet "EcoHeatingPlaster"