Each step and action to be taken has been thought through down to the smallest detail. Apply the grid film, stick on the self-adhesive VarioBars and finally click the VarioProFile pipe into place.

Die Nassestrich Fussbodenheizung VarioRast von Variotherm ist mit einer Rasterfolie und Haltenadeln ausgerüstet.




The VarioModule pipe is already fully integrated in the rear of the ModulePanel.

Die Variotherm ModulWand ist für den Trockenbau konzipiert und somit auch das ideale Produkt für die sanfte Sanierung.
Modern home in Southern Styria

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Modern home in Southern Styria

This family home is a timber construction based on nogging pieces with larch planks and titanium zinc panels. The floor heating system Vario Rast and the modular wall heating system of Variotherm create a very comfortable atmosphere for the family.

Commenting on this unusual facade, the owner said: "In summer the metal reflects the sun and the rear-ventilated facade guarantees a pleasant indoor environment."

160 m² of floor heating and 60 m² of modular wall heating from Variotherm ensure that it also feels cosy. The heating systems are fed from a 2000-litre buffer storage tank that is heated with a very efficient heat pump (ground water operation). Thanks to the building’s economic and environmentally friendly design, it only costs 700 euros in winter to heat. This is astonishingly little for a home with 320 m² of living area!

Variotherm products:

160 m² of floor heating VarioRast

60 m² of modular wall heating