VarioComp floor heating system inspires new ideas for living. With its superslim construction height of just 20 mm, it fits into any floor plan and all room situations perfectly. Fast reacting and high output.


All components of the system are perfectly matched. The specially milled routings of the VarioComp panel. The easy to bend VarioProFile pipe with an extremely stable form. The ideal height for the optional XPS insulation panel. The fast drying VarioComp filling compound.

Cosy warmth for forest kindergarten

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Cosy warmth for forest kindergarten

In the Upper Austrian town of St. Lorenz, a kindergarten building was constructed that is spectacular in every way. The building’s foundations feature a fundamental innovation: The 270-square-metre building is supported by living trees!

The entire kindergarten is a timber construction based on nogging pieces. The building fulfils the low-energy standard thanks to its core insulation with sheep’s wool, its interior fittings using triple-layer spruce boards, and its outer casing with larch boards. The low profile VarioComp floor heating provides comfortable warmth with its mere 20 mm construction height.

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