The heating element of the Variotherm trench heating systems is positioned of a glass side. It causes a veil of warm air build up within seconds, which protects the cooling effects of cold surfaces. 

Der sanfte Warmluftschleier zirkuliert vor allem entlang kalter Flächen. Geringe Luftbewegungen im Raum werden dadurch vermieden.




Sustainable and environmentally friendly. The SystemWall is an extremely efficient low temperature system.

Die SystemWand ist ein Komplett-System für den verputzten Ausbau. Sie garantiert optimale Wärmeübertragung und maximale Funktionalität für Heizen und Kühlen.


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The pipes are easy to locate with the Variotherm pipe locator or using thermofoil.

Durch die präzisen Abstände der Heizrohre (10 cm bei der System-Wandheizung bzw. 7,5 cm bei der Modul-Wandheizung) sind die Leitungen mit Hilfe der Thermofolie (Temperatur-Einsatzbereich: 25° C bis 30 °C) später leicht zu orten.


This technology provides targeted heat generation to counter cold air movement and provide comfortable environments in a highly efficient manner. The grids are available in pure aluminium, dark bronze, and black.

Variotherm Bodenkanalheizungen werden vor Glastüren und großen Glasflächen im Boden versenkt. Dort bauen sie einen Warmluftschleier entlang der kalten Glasflächen auf.


The heat and sound insulation VarioRoll is available with a thickness of 20 and 30 mm. Simple pipe fixing with the help of stapler pins. 

Die Nassestrich Fussbodenheizung VarioRoll von Variotherm besteht aus einem Trittschallstyropor mit aufkaschierter Spezialfolie für eine optimale Rückhaltekraft für die Tackernadeln.




  Optimised heat transfer
  Excellent plaster adhesion
  High pressure and
    temperature resistance
  Flexible, easy to bend
  100% oxygen diffusion-tight

Die innerste Schicht besteht aus Polyethylen und ist extrem temperaturbeständig. Durch die spiegelglatte Innenoberfläche haben Ablagerungen keine Chance.
Villa Fontana

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Villa Fontana

“Welcome to Fontana!” Andreas Friedrich calls to us, as he leans casually against the doorframe of his stately home. “Wow!”, we answer, as he leads us into his living room, which is exceptionally stylishly decorated. Andreas is his own boss. And he knows exactly what he wants. When looking for a suitable heating solution for his home, he chose Variotherm.

“The first thing I’ll say is this: even years later, I’m really pleased with my decision. The Variotherm floor heating provides exactly the kind of heating I imagined, throughout the whole house. It’s perfect for me; just like the ducted channel heating in front of the windows.” Andreas relates his experiences: “Some people warned me about the cooling effect of glass surfaces. But there’s absolutely no trace of it. I’m truly thrilled by the wall heating – it’s fantastic!”  The products are top quality and designed for longevity. The advice and subsequent planning were all very professional. And the rest is history! I warmly recommend Variotherm to anyone who asks!”