Our vision

Enthusiasm is our perpetual goal.
Honest drive and passionate work - that's who we are!
Cohesion and community spirit make the difference.

Every single person who lives and works with us and our products feels this.

Our mission statement

"Individuality and comfort for generations".


We understand the big picture and know the importance of every detail.
That's why we focus on projects where inventiveness and innovation take centre stage.
After all, it's about the valuable living space of our customers.



We create comfort on all levels.
That is our principle and the demand we make on our stakeholders.
P:UR -Potential and Respect
The large Variotherm team always works for your healthy and primal indoor climate.



Knowledge and work with future generations in mind.
Our products do not follow short-lived trends, but are produced with care for durability and sustainability.
As an enduring family business, we combine proven experience with a breath of fresh air and innovation.
Together - now and in the future.
For a lifetime.