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At the end of 2011, Variotherm won a significant Austrian business prize.
What exactly is "Austrian Leading Companies", abbreviatory also ALC?

It is Austria's toughest business competition. Harsh, but fair to all participants. The goal is to award sustainably successful and solid companies.

The competition itself assesses the performance of a company during the last three years. This is made possible with an objective system of criteria. The most important indicators are:

* profit-turnover ratio

* return on equity

* absolute change in operating results, turnover, EBIT and EGT

* return of capital employed (ROCE) and

* debt-equity ratio.

There are also bonus points for sustainable economic activity. 18 indicators are queried and assessed - from all areas:

* governance and economy

* social engagement

* environment and climate protection.

The victory in the Lower Austria category for the small enterprises group went out to Variotherm Heizsysteme GmbH from Leobersdorf this year.

The award ceremony took place in the Conference Center in Laxenburg.

In addition, Variotherm achieved the fourth place in the overall Austrian scoring and in the special scoring for "Sustainable Economic Activity".