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           1new pipe - better and more economical!

           2new acoustic ceiling - cooling and heating with acoustics!

           3new free-standing skirting heating system - the crystal clear alternative!

           4new ModuleStandardPanels–Classic - 5 + 3 = more options!


1. Full steam ahead - the environment wins!

Looking for a heating pipe made from premium quality material that’s not only easier to bend, but more economical, too? Look no further! Our tried and tested VarioProFil and Variomodular pipes now feature improved workability.
Our top quality, laser-welded aluminium pipes have an even  thinner and more durable inner layer.

Our new production process doesn’t just mean better value for money. It also means sustainable use of the raw material aluminium!


2. new acoustic ceiling - cooling and heating with acoustics!

Our new Variotherm acoustic ceilings don’t just look cool, they’re also highly-effective sound absorbers! Together with ceiling cooling and heating, they ensure the perfect working temperature. Available in a range of sizes and designs!

Variotherm acoustic panels reduce noise comfortably and reliably. They offer a range of sound absorption options depending on the size and pattern of the holes. Perfect for offices, schools, event halls and modern residential buildings!


3. new free-standing skirting heating system Beta - the crystal clear alternative!

Floor-to-ceiling glass can offer beautiful views – but it can also conduct the cold, which doesn’t help when you want a cosy room. With the free-standing skirting heating system Beta from Variotherm, you can enjoy the view and stay warm! Even smarter: It spreads a protective thermal layer over the whole window surface –  and it can be retrospectively installed!

Our elegant skirting heating series Beta appears to float above the floor. It is not affixed to the wall, but mounted on the floor using a discreet console.

4. new ModuleStandardPanels-Classic - 5 + 3 = more options!

Real classics are timeless. Joining our 5 popular ModuleStandardPanels-Classic are 3 new models, which have what it takes to stand the test of time.

Expanding the Classic series to include a total of 8 different panel sizes opens up even more options for installation. Easy customisation, better use of surfaces and more efficient heating – all come as standard!