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40,000 projects in 37 years

The Variotherm success story began in a small Viennese business in the autumn of 1979. The novel low-temperature skirting heating system was the cornerstone at the time, but over the years more innovations were launched on the market.

As a pioneer in wall heating and cooling systems in Europe, Variotherm has extensive expertise in this field and over the years has successfully implemented around 40,000 projects all over the world. The following comparison puts this in perspective: 40,000 projects would mean that every building in the Styrian capital of Graz, the second-largest city in Austria (with 275,000 inhabitants), has been equipped with Variotherm products.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners in Austria and around the world, without whom this success would never have been possible.

Variotherm will remain true to its vision in the future: amazing comfort with attractive savings!

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