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Acoustic ceiling with new perforated architecture

Acoustic holes with a diameter of 6, 8 and 12 millimetres

The ModuleCeiling-Acoustic absorbs surrounding noise. It cools and heats the room to create a comfortable temperature. With two different hole patterns and three hole sizes, the client can design the ceiling according to their wishes - all for the same price. 

Digitalisation makes our day to day work not just faster, but also louder: electronic devices hum and beep. In large-area offices, the noise level is high. The consequences: stress and a lack of concentration in the workplace. The Variotherm acoustic ceiling protects people from unwanted noise. In addition, the ceiling cools and heats the rooms to a comfortable temperature and in a healthy way. In other words: one ceiling - three functions. 

Freely designed - optimally cooled

The 18 millimetre-thick gypsum fibre board panels are available now with two different hole patterns: With the 8 millimetre block perforation or 6 and/or 12 millimetre surface perforation, the customer can design the ceiling according to their wishes.  

A major plus with the Variotherm ceiling cooling and heating with acoustic function: The acoustic holes are not covered over with cooling and thermal conduction elements, leaving them 100 percent active. This ensures certified, guaranteed noise reduction. 

Why the Variotherm acoustic ceiling works

The acoustic ceiling dampens the noise and absorbs a part of the sound through the hole pattern and acoustic fleece. More precisely, it reduces the reverberation time in the room. In a close room, the sound waves are repeatedly reflected from the floor and the walls until they become weaker. 

The same price for all hole patterns

All hole patterns are available at the same price. Even better, the price for the new Variotherm acoustic ceilings has been reduced by 20 percent. All hole patterns and sizes offered are in stock and can be delivered within a short period of time.