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Cool summer in France

An incomparable space in the south of France with a fabulous view onto Saint Tropez. This is how the “Tour des Sinières” looks, with its location on the wonderful blue Côte d’Azur - in a dream villa fitted with Variotherm technology!  

Stéphane Fustini, builder owner of the classy estate, is a bon vivant in the best sense of the word. He is a man who loves life, has a fine sense of aesthetics and insists on the perfect solution for all design questions involving a feel-good factor!

Pure luxury

The stylishly furnished main building sits majestically at the centre of a 7.6 hectare nature compound. Sophisticated design on 240 m² of living space. The exterior of the contemporary late-60s style ensemble consists of striking stone façades and planted terraces as well as a luxurious pool. Inside, the house boasts an 80 m² living room and three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. At just under 90 m² living space, the attached guest house also emanates a sense of savoir-vivre.

However, all this elegance and the generous dimensions, together with the utilised stone and glass materials, pose quite a challenge in terms of heating and cooling. Stéphane Fustini has a number of reasons why he decided in favour of Variotherm: "When I acquired this estate four years ago, I immediately saw its vast potential. I was determined to use only the latest heating and cooling technologies in the renovation concept. Thanks to the estate's location in the South of France, cooling is a crucial issue. Air conditioning was out of the question due to the unpleasant air circulation. I was therefore looking for the perfect solution that could do both, heating and cooling. The answer was the Variotherm wall heating/-cooling system which is perfect for drywall construction. The VarioComp floor heating is an ideal complement.

Perfectly combined

Due to the low construction height of the VarioComp panels, close to the full ceiling height was maintained. The Variotherm planning team did the exact calculations and sizing (see p. 12). They came up with the optimum mixture of wall heating/cooling and floor heating, which provides top living comfort both in winter and in summer. Together with a heat pump, the complete system has been in operation for two years now and everything is working perfectly together!"   

Would you like to spend a holiday fit for the gods? The classy estate is also available for rent! Follow this link to the ultimate summer adventure:  

picture credit: Stéphane Fustini