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Despite Brexit, no exit

Managing Director Alexander Watzek travelled to England for a few days and visited the Variotherm sales partners with Business Developer Peter Sullivan, to discuss plans for the coming business year and potential consequences of Brexit. 

In spite of the recent decision to leave the EU, the response was highly positive. Variotherm products remain very popular on the market.

The 20 mm-thick floor heating system for drywall construction is still the most popular product. The extremely thin surface heating system is ideal for retrofitting and refurbishment. A young family in a suburb of London was also convinced of this and installed VarioComp when renovating their charming home.

St. Edward’s Music School” in Oxford not only makes highest demands of its students and teachers, but also when it comes to the premises where its students are professionally educated. Individuality is the top priority in this place of education. As a result, when choosing the heating systems, they decided to install Variotherm’s flexible surface heating and cooling systems. 

The Modular ceiling heating/cooling system gives the young musicians a cosy indoor climate all year round. The drywall system was fitted by local building technology company Lawton (BES) Ltd., with Mr Darren Duggan as project manager.