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Ceiling renovation during ongoing bank operations

The uncomplicated and quick installation was literally worth its weight in gold for the renovation of a bank branch in south-eastern Styria. The innovative heating and cooling system from Variotherm now not only enables energy-efficient heating and cooling, but also a pleasant indoor climate thanks to the acoustic function.

What does it take for a successful refurbishment during ongoing bank operations? Well: firstly, an innovative installer company. Secondly: high-quality products that are not only uncomplicated and quick to apply, but also allow construction to progress quickly.

A project example from practice shows that even in areas with a high customer frequency, in addition to credit enquiries, counselling sessions and cash withdrawals, a renovation of the heating and cooling system can take place during ongoing operations.

Tailor-made solution

The Raiffeisenkasse Region Fehring had to renovate a bank branch in south-eastern Styria because the previous heating and cooling solution did not produce optimal results. After all, the refurbishment planned at the time was actually supposed to be a showcase project. But the selected cooling ceiling was dimensioned far too small and was based on an inefficient system for these requirements.

The bank branch was therefore looking for an innovative and sustainably energy-efficient heating and cooling solution that would actually work! By asking Variotherm, the experienced technical team, together with the innovative installation company PMB Fehring, was able to implement an individual, customised and sustainably energy-saving solution for the bank.

The bank in south-east Styria is now more than satisfied with the Variotherm ModularCeiling-Acoustic, which can now be used for both cooling and heating and also has a sound-absorbing acoustic surface. On top of that, the renovation could even be carried out during regular opening and operating hours without any tedious closing days.

Perfect mix of materials

By switching to Variotherm products, the bank now relies on a heating and cooling system that is not only sustainable and energy-efficient, but also forms a finished, aesthetic ceiling at the same time. Function and form are thus combined without any further effort or cost. The special feature: Thanks to decades of experience and a great spirit of innovation, the materials used are perfectly matched.

The pre-integrated VarioModular pipe, through which cooled water circulates in summer and heated water in winter, deserves special mention. The pipe is tightly enclosed by a gypsum fibre board that has been tested for building biology. This is because if there were air between the pipes and the gypsum fibreboard, this would be an additional insulator that would prevent efficient heat transfer.

In addition, Variotherm does not use small or thin plastic pipes, but high-quality aluminium multi-layer composite pipes which, thanks to their mirror-smooth inner surface, cause less pressure loss and no deposits in the pipes. Thanks to this intelligently assembled and high-quality Variotherm system, heat or coolness can be transferred optimally and extremely efficiently - and the Raiffeisenkasse Region Fehring is now also benefiting from this.

Comfortable indoor climate without compromise

Four functions combined in one system: cooling + heating + sound reduction + finished ceiling. The Variotherm ModularPanels are screwed onto a standard substructure made of wood or metal profiles. After filling and painting, the ceiling is already finished.

The finished ModularCeiling-Acoustic cools or warms all rooms, such as offices or flats, and at the same time has a sound-absorbing acoustic surface. This reduces both quiet and loud sounds and noise as well as reverberating echoes. In a bank with a high customer frequency and customer service with discretion, the acoustic ceiling makes it possible to create a pleasant and trusting environment. In addition, the ceiling heating and cooling works completely noiselessly and does not cause unpleasant draughts.

Thanks to Variotherm products, it was thus possible to replace the old, inefficient system with a new and sustainable heating and cooling system with an integrated acoustic ceiling. For a pleasant indoor climate - for employees and customers.


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