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From pro to pro: New Company Headquarter for Installer

When professionals renovate themselves, things get really exciting! Which products do professionals use when renovating their own business? The heating and plumbing contractor Naber from Germany implemented its renovation with Variotherm products - a confirmation of quality among professionals!

A former supermarket becomes a new company headquarters. That of the heating and plumbing company Naber, to be precise. As a professional with many years of experience in the renovation and refurbishment of private and commercial buildings, it was clear that only the best and tested products would be considered for the heating and plumbing company. That's why the family business from Delitzsch in Saxony opted for the heating solution from Variotherm. After all, as an expert, they know exactly which products on the market are really good. Only the super-slim VarioComp modular floor heating system from Variotherm, with which the installer himself has been working for his customers for over a decade, met the expert's high standards for his own renovation of the new, modern company headquarter.

Only the best quality is considered for renovation

The heating and plumbing company is run by Axel Naber, an absolute expert and specialist in the field. The company has been family-run since 1998 and currently employs four people. Since the demand for high-quality and sustainable heating solutions is constantly increasing, the heating contractor Naber would also like to expand - the shortage of skilled workers alone is currently a challenge.

With the new company headquarters, Naber now wants to create the capacities to meet the increased demand in its business field. The new, modern company headquarter is also located in Delitzsch. The building, which was previously occupied by a supermarket, had to be fundamentally renovated so that it could become Naber's new location.

In the course of the conversion and renovation, however, it was clear to Naber from the outset that only the VarioComp modular floor heating system would be considered for the heating system: a special distinction - from professional to professional. Because just like Variotherm, Naber also stands for first-class quality and competence in the planning and implementation of heating solutions.

VarioComp modular floor heating: energy saving in the twinkling of an eye

Naber itself regularly installs the Variotherm underfloor heating chosen by the heating contractor and therefore knows about the uncomplicated and quick installation of the compact panels - after all, it was over 160m2 that Naber installed in its new company headquarters. The installation height of the underfloor heating is just 20 millimetres, making it perfect for retrofitting in the course of renovations, or anywhere there is no space for wet screeds.

Axel Naber:
"For me, the VarioComp is also a product that works in everyday life, achieves a fast and good result - almost a problem solver!"

The low weight of the compact boards is also ideal for dry construction and gentle old building renovations. Another great advantage of the VarioComp is that the surface heats up much faster than that of a wet screed floor heating system. Cold floors are thus transformed into pleasantly warm living or working spaces in no time at all. The VarioComp is not only easy to install and provides pleasant temperatures, it is also energy-saving. Lower flow temperatures can save up to 25% of energy costs compared to conventional radiators.

The VarioComp modularfloor heating system has been perfected by Variotherm on the basis of years of experience. Of course, heating engineers themselves also like to draw on this - a quality distinction that counts twice from professional to professional!

Axel Naber
Hallesche Str. 45
04509 Delitzsch

Phone: 034202/ 58026