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Green Deal

Top opportunities on the English export market

The City of London has always been a place of vibrant building development. The existing market potential also offers excellent opportunities for domestic exports. During a trip to research the market taken by Dr. Petra Bohuslav, Member of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, in cooperation with the Austrian Foreign Trade Organisation (ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA London)  and the Austrian Economic Chamber, companies from Lower Austria had the opportunity to see this for themselves.

The substantial growth in Great Britain is based, among other things, on strong private demand. Private individuals are, for example, given state support when purchasing property. The related funding programme is called "Green Deal". The aim of the programme is to make old apartments more energy efficient. This therefore offers the best possible market opportunities for companies promoting environmental friendliness and efficient energy solutions!

During their trip, the members of the delegation also visited the ecobuild 2015. This trade fair is devoted to sustainable planning, and the construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings. When they visited the Austrian association stand, they met one of the most well-known exhibitors: Variotherm.

Getting a foot in the door of the British market can be lucrative, but is certainly very challenging. There are different rules of play on the island: no lobby group as a point of contact for the industries, and no regulated industry for installers. Finding a general importer is almost as hard as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. As is so often the case on unknown territory, it is important to know market insiders.

In this regard, Variotherm has personal direct contacts on site that stretch back for many years. An absolutely "must-have" on the island, and at the same time the best prerequisite for entering the British growth market!