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Higher customer satisfaction through complete systems

Are you an installer but are currently mainly concerned with problems relating to component ordering and delivery times? You are indeed not alone at the moment. Because due to the booming construction industry and global supply chain problems, many installers are currently experiencing a particularly stressful time and many projects can no longer be accepted at all.

Delays on the construction site?

Searching for individual components, ordering them, coordinating them and then assembling them is time-consuming and can also lead to tedious situations on the construction site. For example, when individual parts are missing or simply do not fit together on site. This is not only suboptimal for installers, but ultimately also annoying for end customers who want their building project to progress and be completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Complete systems for heating and cooling

As an innovation leader in sustainable heating and cooling, Variotherm understands the needs of installers and end customers alike. With our focus on the highest possible customer satisfaction, we have therefore always focused on complete systems.

As the name suggests, we provide our products as complete systems. If, for example, you need underfloor heating in drywall construction, we not only supply the underfloor heating itself, including all components, but also provide the necessary accessories and information (e.g. tools, manifolds, pipe connections, pressure loss and water flow rates, etc.) that you need for installation and your customers need for proper operation of the system. This is uncomplicated and has a pleasant side effect: All parties involved save time.

More time - more satisfaction

With Variotherm complete systems, all components are already harmonized with each other in such a way that they can be adapted to all structural conditions - there is no longer any need for tedious coordination. For all the trades involved, this means a smooth project flow.

Installers can concentrate on what they do best: Satisfying customers with their expertise, know-how and technical skills - without losing sight of the essentials in the current construction boom.