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IBR seal for Variotherm

Tested and recommended for healthy building properties

Whether for a new house or a renovation project, building materials that are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to health are important for every client. For that reason, Variotherm had its drywall construction systems for floors, walls and ceilings tested by the Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building (IBR) in Rosenheim. The results: Both the ModulePanel for the wall and ceiling heating/cooling system and also the VarioComp panel for floor heating were awarded the IBR Seal of Approval.

The drywall construction systems from Variotherm were tested in the IBR laboratory for the following substances and properties:

  • Radioactive substances
  • Biocidal substances
  • Heavy metals (e.g. lead, cadmium and mercury)
  • Fine particulates

The Variotherm drywall construction products are gypsum fibre boards that are made exclusively from recycled paper fibres, gypsum and water. Therefore, they are harmless to the health of the clients. They are pressed into panels under high pressure without using any binder meaning that they are stable, odourless and non-hazardous for the environment.

Thanks to the non-toxic raw materials, the panels are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. They are fireproof (building material class A2) and can also be used in wet rooms (e.g. in bathrooms).

The IBR Seal of Approval was launched 30 years ago. By certifying construction materials, it protects consumers from illnesses caused by their own four walls. Materials that meet the IBR’s building biology and environment related requirements are awarded the seal. The certificate has to be renewed every two years.