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In the end, it's about the right mix

The optimum heat transfer in the VarioComp drywall floor heating is achieved by embedding the inserted Variomodular pipes into the nop panels which have already been laid using the compact filling compound. 

What is important here is the optimum mix of the special filling compound, which is compiled on a gypsum basis. The new Variotherm compact stirrer with its left-aligned stirrer paddle ensures an optimum rotation from top to bottom, and thus the best possible mix of the filling compound. 

A perfect mix is guaranteed while at the same time, the amount of air included remains low. This makes for even smoother processing.The following standards apply for the pressing tool: 

  • Rotation speed 600 rpm
  • Power 1,000 W
  • Drill chuck min. 13 mm

 Available immediately - item number W030