A family of architects has renovated a very special property in the Linz area - a 19th century defence tower. A flat contained in the historic building has now been fitted with a sustainable, modern and energy-efficient heating system. 

Living in a fortified tower? In Upper Austria, north of Linz, a family of architects has made this very special dream home come true. The formerly wartime object has now become a peaceful home. Living amidst stories and history while having all modern conveniences available is truly a challenge. Thanks to Variotherm's customised products, one flat in the fortified tower is now even equipped with a sustainable and absolutely energy-efficient heating system. A special feature - especially when you consider that the Wehrturm was built in the 1830s and was originally intended to serve such a very different purpose. 

General renovation: only individual solutions possible

The almost 200-year-old fortified tower was built in the first third of the 19th century as part of a belt of fortifications around the city of Linz. As - as the name suggests - a fortified structure, the line of towers served to defend the city. Today, in far more peaceful times, many of the towers have fallen into disrepair. The Wehrturm (defence tower), which the architect's family acquired back in 1956, is still in the family's possession today.

Now a flat in the defence tower has been completely renovated. A challenge, because after all, the tower has neither standard dimensions nor can 08/15 standard conversions simply be taken off the shelf. No easy task for the installation of a new and energy-efficient heating system.

Thanks to Variotherm's decades of experience with special projects like this, the owners of the defence tower were now able to switch to low-temperature systems! 

Super-slim installation height: VarioKomp makes it possible

The super-slim VarioKomp underfloor heating system was used for the 60 m2 flat. The low installation height of only 20 millimetres is perfect for all living spaces in which the room height is to be maintained by retrofitting a heating system. Due to the old and thick walls of the defense tower, the VarioKomp is therefore particularly suitable. The room height is maintained despite the underfloor heating.

This means, for example, that no adjustments have to be made to doors. An additional bonus is the low weight of the VarioKomp, which allow for easy installation and, at the same time, carefree retrofitting. But the most important thing is the pleasant and cosy warmth that is now possible with the energy-saving panel heating system. Despite thick and fortified walls, the residents can now live peacefully and relaxed in a unique historical building.


- ModularFloor Heating: ca. 60 m2