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Living in the baptism chapel

The baptism chapel in idyllic Waldhausen in Upper Austria was completed in 1697 and for many years, it was used for the sacred ritual of being received into the Christian community. When the monastery in Waldhausen was closed in 1792, it was purchased by the local district authority and converted into a “home for the diseased” for people who were excluded from society. Fortunately, it never needed to be used for this purpose. 45 years ago, a local family purchased the chapel, and has been living there since then.

Until now, the rooms have been heated via radiators that use convection heat. When the heating system was refurbished, the radiators on the upper floor were removed and replaced with energy-efficient floor heating. Comfortable radiant heat now provides a pleasant climate in the bedrooms. The old gas boiler was also removed, and a heat pump now provides the necessary energy.

Thanks to the fast assembly times, the building owners also decided to install floor heating in drywall construction, with a construction height of just 20 mm. The specially milled nop panels, with pipe spacing of 10 cm, were fully laid out. Now, the entire floor surface can be heated. The filling compound ensures optimum thermal transfer to the surface. Depending on the drying process used, the floor covering can already be installed just 24 hours after the VarioComp filling compound has been applied.

Construction sign:

Variotherm system: 53 m² floor heating drywall

Installer: BIO AKTIV Günther Johann, A-3323 Neustadtl an der Donau, Horst Kastner

Variotherm-Kundenbetreuer: Andreas Sickinger

Energy generator: air source heat pump