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New. In. New Zealand.

Impressive all around the world: the VarioComp.

Our Variotherm Partner Central Heating has good news to report fresh from New Zealand. Right on time for the start of the new year, the first Modular Floor heating system VarioComp was laid in Diamond Harbour, on the other side of the globe.

When planning the KidsFirst Early Learning Centre, it was clear from the start that a sustainable, climate-friendly and particularly energy-efficient form of heating was needed. As is common in educational institutions, there were expansive, open rooms that needed to be heated evenly. In addition, the floor in particular on which the children like to play and romp about should contribute to their enjoyment of being in the building.

A clear case for the VarioComp Modular Floor heating system! Ultimately, it was also chosen for its extremely light weight and low panel thickness of just 20 mm. Ideal for the pile construction technique used for the substructure of the building!

The Modular Floor can bring the whole kindergarten back up to a comfortable temperature in a short space of time after long operating intervals such as over the weekend or during the holidays. As a result, owners can fully trust the tried and tested system, even south of the equator. After all, the winters in Europe, which are bitterly cold in comparison, are a good benchmark for perfect heating in New Zealand.