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2 new and 1 special - ModuleStandardPanel

From now on, two new panels with a fixed height enable even greater installation flexibility. With the new intermediate and extra large sizes, Variotherm is meeting another demand arising from practical everyday use. By the way, the markings of the screw points on the front side prevent unwanted drilling of the pipes and make installation easier.

Anything is possible! Variotherm produces individual panels that precisely match specific structural conditions.


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Fire free - FERMACELL dry walls screws "collated"

Quickly installed: With the “collated” Fermacell dry wall screws (suitable for magazine drills), module panels can be mounted on wood/metal structures particularly quickly.


Only available from us - XPS panel 10-200

The 10 mm thin XPS panel is used as a thermal insulation panel directly underneath the modular floor heating. Available only from Variotherm.


Click-Clack - the new VarioClip

The VarioClip floor heating is suitable for laying in screed floors. The trick is that wire mesh is simply laid on, and the VarioProFile pipe locks easily into the holding clips provided. This is really quick to do and keeps the pipe stable at the perfect distance.



All-in-one - VarioNop-11

The Variotherm nap panels are pipe brackets, separating layers and thermal insulation all in one. They are simply connected using a snap fastening system. The tried and tested VarioNop is also available with a standard thickness of 11 mm. 


Rolled up and silent - VarioRoll 20-2

The VarioRoll thermal and impact sound insulation is now also available in a standard thickness of 20 mm and an impact sound improvement of 26 db. This saves weight and material costs. Naturally, the version with a 30 mm standard thickness continues to be available, and has an impact sound improvement of 28 db.



Optimum circuits - PVST with 15 heating circuits

The Variotherm pumped manifold station is now joined by a new model offering the option of connecting 15 heating circuits. The PVST is installed in the VS4 or VSA4 standard matching manifold box.