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Perfectly regulated

For the Croatian company Duplico Ltd. based in Zagreb, innovation and a passion for development are the daily order of business. Every day, more than 60 members of staff plan and implement automated tax and data management system solutions for manufacturers and suppliers. 

The company has a wide range of products and services that it has developed under its own roof. The phrase ‘under its own roof’ is a fitting one: with so much creativity and passion for development, a healthy, comfortable indoor temperature is invaluable within the company. The next logical step was to install Variotherm products in the new company building. Surface heating and cooling systems with which Duplico is already fully familiar through a partnership spanning many years. 

"Our company specialises in the development of system management systems in the construction industry. We have never had a dedicated temperature control segment," explains Darko Zajec, head of sales and planning at Duplico Ltd. "Our partnership with Variotherm has enabled us to complete our range. We now even have a fully furnished Variotherm showroom. This is helping us bring the full Variotherm range to bear in Croatia."


365 days of healthy living environments guaranteed

The ModuleWall and the supplementary ModuleCeiling, both with and without sound absorption properties, maintain a pleasant room temperature in summer and winter. A heat pump generates energy and supplies the Variotherm products with hot and cold water. This makes the system solutions for walls and ceilings capable of both heating and cooling.

Besides a healthy, comfortable atmosphere, the ModuleCeiling minimises sound levels in office areas with its sound-absorbing acoustic surface, ensuring a quiet and therefore less stressful working day.

It goes without saying that all relevant energy systems are controlled and monitored via internal SACA systems (technical processes are monitored and managed by computer systems).