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An excellent indoor climate for the Tirol Center in Kematen

One important factor that contributes to the wellbeing of staff in the workplace is the indoor climate. It not only has a major impact on staff health, but also influences productivity.

That’s why the Tirol Center in Kematen is not just a point of contact for innovative, future-oriented businesses; it has also adopted an innovative approach to heating and cooling itself. Thanks to the surface heating and cooling offered by Variotherm, the modern office building is efficiently heated in winter and comfortably cooled during the summer – and all via the entire ceiling.

Important: The Variotherm ceiling cooling systems operate without causing draughts, and are completely silent.

Thanks to the noise absorbing acoustic surface and acoustic fleece, the Modular Ceiling also improves the room acoustics – an essential contribution in a stressful everyday office environment.

Individual planning concept for installers and building owners

Our Variotherm technology and consultancy team included large lighting fixtures and various different ventilation areas in the planning right from the start. The solution they created was an individual design with 250 m2 of ceiling heating and cooling for drywall construction.

The ModulePanels Classic were combined with ModulePanels-Acoustic with sound-absorbing acoustic function to create maximum comfort in the interior space.

If the ceiling or wall is used for cooling, the room already feels comfortable at temperatures of around 26 °C, thanks to the exchange of radiant heat. By comparison, an air conditioning system would have to reduce the room temperature to around 23 °C in order to achieve the same level of comfort.

This means that a water-based surface heating and cooling system saves up to 30% on energy costs.

Project board

Variotherm systems: 

230 m² Modular ceiling cooling and heating - with acoustic absorbing surface
20 m² Modular ceiling cooling and heating

Variotherm-partner & Installation: P3 Anlagenbau GmbH, Inzing

Planing: BAUPULS GmbH

Construction company: Eoos GmbH

Heat generation: Groundwater Heat Pump