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Project of the month

Private home in Dublin

Amidst the Irish capital Dublin, the fabric of a former terrace property has been stripped away, in its place emerging a new single-family dwelling with extensive glazed areas. The visual appearance of the house front has been styled to the adjacent buildings and nestled into the Dublin residential street - modern, yet with a hint of tradition.

A wonderful garden extends from the back of the house.

When it comes to the Island nation, heating is not the only hot topic, cooling too is becoming increasingly important. Why? Ireland this year likewise experienced its warmest summer on record.

Variotherm partner installer Damien Mullin of HeatDoc Ltd. and Variotherm importer Peter Sullivan of HWI Sustainable Buildings Ltd. supplied and implemented the perfect heating and cooling concept for the client. A modular ceiling cooling and heating system was installed at exposed points. The property’s generously sized bathrooms are now cosily heated with a floor heating system for screed and a modular wall heating system.

A swift and efficient affair: The family doesn’t need to wait until next year to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home.

A veritable showcase project on the Emerald Isle.

Project board:

Variotherm systems:

Variotherm partner: HWI Sustainable Buildings Ltd.

Heating installation technician: HeatDoc Ltd.