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Exclusive loft conversion above the roofs of Vienna

An exclusive project in the heart of Vienna: Variotherm has even developed its own Modular Panel for this purpose - with the aim of combining maximum comfort with unconditional energy efficiency and absolute comfort.

Never Change a Winning Team. Anyone who has already lived with a Variotherm surface heating or cooling system in their own home will appreciate the benefits of pleasant comfort in all seasons. This was also the feeling of a Viennese builder who wanted to rely on the proven Variotherm quality for his exclusive attic conversion in an upscale inner-city district.

The special challenge in this demanding project: Due to the architectural conditions on site, Variotherm developed its own drywall modular panel, with which all requirements could be met without any restrictions in terms of aesthetics or comfort.

Precisely fitting and flexible

The now modern converted attic was placed on top of a classic Gründerzeit Viennese old building. This meant that the existing building fabric had to be handled with care. The attic conversion itself comprises two floors and consists of both old stock and a modern extension.

The conversion project therefore incorporates old brick walls combined with drywall solutions. This created many light and ventilation outlets, for which individual solutions were needed in terms of surface heating and surface cooling. Variotherm therefore designed its own modular panel, which made it possible to install it with a precise fit. Thus, maximum flexibility and individuality were achieved for the installer and ultimately also for the client.

Comfortable warmth and pleasant cooling

For the client, one thing was clear: only Variotherm could meet the high aesthetic demands and at the same time provide maximum living comfort - both in winter and in summer.

Due to the large glass areas in the attic conversion, cooling is essential. Classic energy-intensive air conditioning systems, which also produce unpleasant drafts, were not an option for the client anyway.

For cooling to function optimally and energy-efficiently, around 80% of the surfaces must be activated. Variotherm's surface heating and cooling systems, which produce pleasant cooling in summer - without any drafts - and cozy warmth in winter, are therefore the perfect solution for maximum living comfort all year round.

ModularCeiling, ModularWall, SystemWall

Not only the attic conversion was a complex construction task, but also the implementation of perfect heating and cooling was a unique project for Variotherm. A total of 49 heating-cooling circuits were installed for the drywall, 235m2 ModularCeiling 20m2 ModulWall and for the plastered walls 40m2 SystemWall.

The latter was installed in the staircase, which was realized in an existing tower - also an exclusive extra, for which Variotherm found an optimal solution. For the client, it was therefore possible to design his two-story attic extension completely freely, since neither conventional radiators nor air-conditioning systems interfere with the exclusive aesthetics. Maximum comfort, maximum coziness and maximum freedom above the rooftops of Vienna.

Project board

Variotherm Systems

Installer: Scherübel´s Söhne GmbH, Troifach

Variotherm Team: Johannes Kowald, Alexander Ghirardini, Belinda Worm