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Dublin Bay at your feet

Without doubt a magical view of Dublin Bay. But before the client can enjoy this view each and every day, a lot of work is to be done. A detached house on the outskirts of the city is being completely refurbished. A sustainable heating system will transform the house into a cosy home, even on bleak evenings.  

The house was completely gutted and all substructures and constructions have been rebuilt. In the course of this essential work, the existing heating system was also replaced. The old radiators were removed and swapped for energy-saving panel heating. The heating system was replaced in just five working days.

Intelligent heating

When the cold waves crash against the rocks in winter, the family can walk around the house in bare feet thanks to the floor heating. The VarioRast floor heating system – the floor heating for screed floors – heats the whole ground floor with a comfortable radiant heat. The water-bearing heating is installed invisibly in the floor and distributes the warmth over the entire floor. Cold stone, tile, laminate or wood parquet warm up in a jiffy. Wall heating in the bedrooms on the upper floor complete the well-thought-out heating system. Floor heating in drywall construction with its it slimline construction height of 20 mm makes for a cosy bathroom. 

The 100 mm thick outer insulation reduces heat loss and increases energy efficiency. The energy required for the panel heating is supplied by an air heat pump. It uses the cold outside air to generate a comfortable temperature. 

Soon there will be nothing stopping the family taking a daily walk on the beach. 

Construction sign:


106 m² VarioRast – floor heating for screed floors
25 m² modular wall heating
16 m² VarioKomp – floor heating in drywall construction

Variotherm-partner: HWI Sustainable Buildings Ltd, Peter Sullivan

Architect: Grainne Weber Architects

Installer: Royal Renewables Limited, David Crosby

Energy generator: 12KW Samsung EHS air-water heat pump