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Pumped manifold for heating system renovation

Many customers plan to renovate parts of their home with low-temperature heating systems, for example, floor heating. Installers are now presented with the question: How can a low-temperature surface heating system be integrated in a high-temperature heating system? We have the solution in the form of the Variotherm pumped manifold.

If you integrate a low-temperature surface heating system in an existing high-temperature heating system, you encounter the problem of having to combine the two different flow temperatures with each other. Variotherm has developed a special pumped manifold. It means that, e.g., existing radiators (maximum design temperature approx. 60°C) can be combined with a surface heating system from Variotherm (approx. 30°C). The Variotherm solution guarantees that the additional pump does not affect the existing hydronic system in any way. In other words, both the radiators and the surface heating system can continue to work at full capacity!

The Variotherm pumped manifold is an intelligent injection system and depending on requirements, it either mixes hot water from the high-temperature flow into the surface heating circuit or cold water from the low-temperature return. The aluminium multi-layer composite pipes are connected to the ¾ inch Eurocone connections.

High and low-temperature heating systems are often connected to each other for attic conversions, bathroom renovations and extensions to existing houses. Between two and 15 low-temperature heating circuits can be connected with a Variotherm pumped manifold. The thermometer clearly shows the temperatures in the heating circuit.

A cost effective alternative for your customers - you can install energy-saving heating systems and keep the existing heating systems.

The benefits of the pumped manifold at a glance:

  • Rinse and venting option directly on the distributor
  • Hydronic balancing by way of flow rate valves
  • ¾" Eurocone connections to the surface heating circuit
  • Adjustment of the total flow rate by way of the integrated regulating valve
  • Compact design and therefore less space required
  • Two regulator options for the flow temperature - a fixed value regulator or a regulator that is guided by atmospheric conditions
  • The special compact heating pump ensures the necessary quantity of water in the low-temperature circuit