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50 enthusiastic runners from the Variotherm sports team at the starting line

Last year, the 338 participants in the RED NOSE run covered an incredible 3,894 kilometres - the distance between Leobersdorf and Moscow and back. This year, in order to beat this running record, the route was altered and the running track widened.

This autumn, a potential record was broken when it came to the number of runners from Variotherm taking part. There were no less than 50 highly motivated runners on our team. Step by step, on 1 September 2013, the runners once again worked hard to cover a large number of kilometres for charity. Running, power walking, rolling, hopping, skating and walking - anything that was fun to do was allowed. Every kilometre covered earned much-needed money for the RED NOSE work. As a result, the clown doctors can now visit even more sick children, old people, rehabilitation patients and people who are handicapped, and make them feel better with the power of humour.

During the event, Gabriela Schmerbacher-Watzek presented the "Who Cares" project, which aims to provide high-quality help for children with slow development.