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Simple, quick self-regulation

Thanks to the new hydraulic valve insert, an automatic regulation of the different flow quantities in the Variotherm skirting heating systems and trench heating systems is no longer a problem! 

Now, they can be individually regulated entirely without manual pipeline network calculation, and the hydraulic compensation can be conducted simply and quickly. The adjusted flow is continuously maintained even with an excess quantity, when e.g. adjacent valves close. Only a minimum differential pressure above the valve is required:

  • 10 – 100 l/h > minimum differential pressure = 10 kPa (= 1 mWC)
  • 100 – 150 l/h > minimum differential pressure = 15 kPa (= 1.5 mWC)

Technical specifications:

  • Valve insert for all Variotherm flow valves (dual pipe system)
  • Hex (11 mm) with markings from 1 to 15 (corresponds to 10 – 150 l/h)

Flow valves which were delivered in 2013 or later can quickly and easily be fitted with a hydraulic valve insert.

Available immediately - item number T1168