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Sustainable living - in the centre of Vienna

A young couple has created a sustainable dream home for themselves with the fundamental renovation of a beautiful old flat in the middle of Vienna. The sustainable products from Variotherm were used as efficiently as possible. A project that makes sustainable living a reality in the middle of a metropolis.

Anyone who thinks of sustainable living in terms of dusty ecology is not yet familiar with the young couple from Vienna who, by renovating a spacious, classic flat in an old building, have literally created a place to live in the middle of Vienna's metropolis with an exemplary effect. On more than 150 m2 of living space, the successful couple combines city life with sustainability as a matter of course - always with an eye on the future: What does it take for us to still feel comfortable in 10, 20, 30 and 40 years?

The flat: property, value and continuance

To rely on something that will last was particularly important for the young couple from Vienna. They deliberately did not want to fall back on short-lived trends or "cheap village" solutions, but rather create something that would also be of value for future generations. When the couple bought the charming old flat in Vienna's city centre, it was clear that it would have to be fundamentally renovated to meet the high standards of sustainability. In times of climate change and exploding energy prices, especially in highly built-up urban zones, this logically includes not only energy-efficient heating but also resource-saving cooling. After all, the optimum temperature at any time of year is an essential feel-good factor in every living space.

The tip: floor, wall and ceiling

For their future flat in Vienna's city centre, the young couple set out to find a sustainable heating and cooling solution that would keep monthly costs as low as possible. The innovative Viennese installer LH Tech then recommended Variotherm's innovative surface heating and cooling systems to the couple after analysing the flat's existing building.

Thanks to the optimal cooperation between the experienced installer and the planning department at Variotherm, the best solution for the renovation was found together: The activation of all available surfaces - i.e. floor, wall and ceiling.

This means that a screed floor heating system in combination with the EasyFlex wall heating or wall cooling system and the ModulDecke for cooling and heating now ensures pleasant temperatures at all times - regardless of whether the wind blows relentlessly through Vienna in the cold winter months or the sun heats up the pavement of Vienna's city centre in summer.

The motto: heating, cooling, comfort

The young couple uses Variotherm's sophisticated surface heating and cooling system in combination with a heat pump. Warm water now flows through the pipes in winter and cooled water in summer, providing cosy warmth in the cold months and pleasant coolness in the hot months. That is precisely what is special about Variotherm's innovative products: heating and cooling with one system.

This is why the Viennese couple, despite its inner-city location, can do without annoying and drafty air conditioning in their future apartment in summer. However, in order to get the last bit of efficiency out of cooling via walls and ceilings in the middle of the Viennese summer, it is advisable to take a few small but very effective measures: These include closing all windows and doors during the day, darkening the rooms, switching off electrical appliances that are not necessary and enlivening the flat with green plants.

Thanks to innovative cooling through walls and ceilings, the young couple can feel comfortable in their new home all year round - sustainably and in the middle of the big city of Vienna.