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The fast and secure route to your own four walls

Flexible and transparent quality standards that meet maximum requirements. These attributes are shared by Variotherm and the Österreichischer Fertighausverband, the Austrian prefabricated house association, whose aim is to ensure that prefabricated homes meet the highest quality standards. The association also works to provide comprehensive information for anyone with an interest in prefabricated construction.

After Variotherm extended its area of activity to the field of “prefabricated homes and wood construction”, cooperation with or membership of the Austrian prefabricated house association was a logical and sensible next step. Thanks to this, and due to the direct contact between Günter Grube - our man in sales in the area of architects, drywall construction and wood construction - and our prefabricated house partners, two model houses in the Blue Lagoon have already been fitted with Variotherm drywall construction products. 

For example, the Haas prefabricated house was fitted with around 60 m² of ModuleStandardCeiling-Classic for firmly screwed ceiling structures with a smooth surface. The ModuleCeiling is the ideal product both for cosy warmth during the winter months and for a refreshing and healthy living environment during the summer. The efficient low-temperature system not only reduces costs, but is also completely silent and free of forced air. 

Simple and quick to install 

Installation is simple and quick, just like standard drywall construction. For this project, wood battens were chosen as a substructure. The cooling/heating distribution manifolds are delivered pre-assembled and pressure-tested. The gypsum fibre boards with the Variomodular pipe integrated on the rear side are ready to be plastered and painted in any chosen colour directly after installation.

Glatz Haustechnik GmbH from Pinggau were selected as a partner company for the heating and cooling technology. At Variotherm, service takes top priority. For this reason, the company supports its partners during planning, offer submission and heating load calculation. All partner companies are also provided with comprehensive technical documentation on the Variotherm product range. 

As ideal partner for heating and cooling our partner Glatz Haustechnik GmbH from Pinggau was chosen. At Variotherm  ‚Service‘ is the uppermost premise. For this reason the company supports their partner in planning, proposal management and heat requirement calculation. Furthermore extensive technical documents about the products are available for free.

Inspection and consultation on site

An inspection and a consultation meeting in the Haas model house in the Blue Lagoon (plot no. 17) are possible at any time. Experience for yourself a heating and cooling system that brings the comfortable climate provided by nature into your own home.